Check in Kids, Students and Members

Attendance is an extremely important indicator of spiritual growth or detecting when people are slipping away from community. We provide multiple tools to track attendance in various contexts. Kids and youth check-in also plays an important role in safety and security.

Check in and Track Attendance

Easily check in children, students and adults to a service, class, small group or event. Attendance is automatically recorded upon check-in. Use a computer, tablet or the Connection Card Pro mobile app on your phone.

Print Name Tags

Print customizable name tags at check in using a Dymo printer. Optionally include pick-up tags for parents.

Self Serve Kiosk

Setup a self-serve check-in kiosk (or multiple kiosks) for parents or students to check in on their own. Individuals can use plastic cards, their phone number, or tap their photo on a visual check-in kiosk.

Easy Mobile App Check-in

Small group or class leaders can quickly tap names on their roster using the Connection Card Pro mobile app to check in members.

Attendance Reports

Generate a range of customizable attendance reports. Reports can include the entire organization, specific groups, or be broken down by service, event or classification.

Print Server

Using your phone or tablet to check in? Or checking in from multiple devices but only have one label printer? Connection Card Pro's built-in print server makes it easy to print name tags to a Dymo printer connected to another device.

Check-in vs Check in

Fun Fact! Confused on the difference between check-in and check in? It's okay, we were too, and we build check-in systems!
Check-in, with a hyphen, is an adjective or a noun. Whereas check in, without a hyphen, is a verb. Go ahead, spell check this page! ;)