Stay Connected with Your People

Don't let anyone fall through the cracks. Connection Card Pro makes it easy to stay connected with your people. Find information on people quickly and easily. Save an unlimited amount of information on each person with custom fields. Search and group efficiently with filters.

Record any information

Custom fields allow you to store any information you'd like. Baptism date, whether you've given them a Bible, spiritual gifts and more.

Find and Filter people

Search for and find people quickly and easily. Filter by attributes and custom fields.

Email & Text people and groups

Quickly send or schedule emails and text messages to anyone, everyone, or specific groups. Unlimited emails. SMS available worldwide.

Background Checks

Store background check results, set reminders, and even order background checks directly through Connection Card Pro.

Map people to nearest small group

Our innovative person map lets you view your people on a map in relation to any small groups or campuses. Help people connect to the group closest to them.

Interactions and Reminders

Keep track of interactions, view other leaders' interactions, assign people to staff or leaders, and set reminders to re-connect with someone.

Milestones and Journey

Track each individual's journey within your church. Create and track milestones, as individuals or as a group, when people complete courses or archive certain milestones. Our system automatically creates each person’s journey based on role changes, additions to groups or lists, and their attendance.

People Tags

Create and assign tags to individuals. Track who is part of specific projects or fundraisers or create your own tags. Use tags to filter lists, send emails or texts or group individuals.

Custom Lists

In addition to groups, you can also create custom lists. Create exclusive lists to separate individuals on those lists from the rest of your database. This is great for tracking external donors who are not affiliated with your church.