"The Signup Kiosk App is perfect for the church or business wanting to keep people connected, informed and organized. It's superbly designed, user friendly and über efficient. I love it!"
Josh Wright
Hope Church, Frisco, TX

Turn any iPad into a Signup Kiosk!

Signup Kiosk is now part of Connection Card Pro! Signup Kiosk is included in all Pro Plans, or use Signup Kiosk standalone, starting at only:

$19 / month

Present Your Brand

Signup Kiosk is artfully designed to empower tour organization to effectively present your brand colors & logos!

Web Forms Links

Each Signup Kiosk activity you create within the app has a parallel web form URL. This allows for seamless website integration and email signups in addition to your onsite iPad kiosk.

Customizable Forms

Create completely custom forms, using Connection Card Pro's powerful custom forms module.

CSV and PDF Reports

Data driven reports are available and easy to generate in both CSV and PDF formats.

Sign-Up Limits

Set a daily or total limit on the number of sign-ups for each activity.

Paid Event Registrations

Signup Kiosk allows you to accept credit/debit card payments for paid event registrations and receiving donations.
Rates as low as
1.95% + $0.25!