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Use Connection Card Pro within your Associational Office or Denominational Head Office

Use Connection Card Pro within your Associational Office or Denominational Head Office

There are hundreds of church and ministry management software products out there. Out of all of them, Connection Card Pro was the first to develop church management software for the entire association, convention, or denomination!

When the founder of Connection Card Pro was serving in a small church plant, he discovered that administrators from the associational head office were calling all of their churches a couple times per year asking for a number of statistics, such as average attendance on Sundays, average attendance in small groups, etc. Not only was this a long and burdensome process for the associational head office, but they were also asking for information that many churches didn’t have readily available. So, it became a “best guess”.

Connection Card Pro has innovated church management software in a way that improves accuracy and which turns a 1 week process into minutes. With Connection Card Pro’s Network Partner Program, we provide software to the church as well as their association or denominational head office.

For the Association / Head Office

For the Churches

When your association, convention or denomination use Connection Card Pro’s Network Partner Program, all of the churches within your association are eligible to use Connection Card Pro at a greatly discounted rate - which includes all of the powerful features that Connection Card Pro has to offer.

Whether each church pays for their own discounted rate or the association pays for all of the churches, or any combination, is up to you.

Churches that are not using Connection Card Pro within your association will still be able to submit their reports to you electronically using the same custom reports that you create with all of the same automated reporting schedules and notifications. The only drawback is that the church will have to manually enter their statistical data.

Connection Card Pro is the only church management software designed for both the church and the association.
Contact us today for information about the Network Partner Program to take the productivity of your associational office to the next level!

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Connection Card Pro is an Association Management and Denomination Management Software Platform.