Member and Guest Database

Connection Card Pro provides your church or ministry with a complete church member database. Use the database to keep a record of members, guests, visitors, donors and any other contacts you'd like to keep track of.

The names and records above are for sample purposes only.

The Person List, as we call it, is a complete and easily customizable list of all individuals within your church or organization. Members and guests can be sorted by a number of fields and can be filtered by their first attendance date, the date they last attended, departments (ministries) or divisions they are associated with, their classification (such as member, visitor, non-member, staff, leader, or any other custom classification), gender, grade, age, and many other attributes.

Tags and Flags

Connection Card Pro allows you to create an unlimited number of custom tags (and tag categories). You can assign individuals to any number of tags. You can also assign color coded flags to individuals.

Creating Prospect Lists

With Connection Card Pro, you can create prospect lists, custom lists, and invite lists. Each gives you the same Person List features with a unique and easy-to-access collection of individuals. Use prospect lists to help you follow-up with new guests or potential prospects. Use custom lists anytime you wish to group a set of individuals separately from the rest of your organization. Use Invite Lists to help you send and track invites to individuals for an upcoming event or activity.

Custom Lists can be set to Exclusive. Any individual assigned to an exclusive custom list will only be visible in the lists they are assigned to and will be hidden in your organization-wide database.


Within Connection Card Pro you can view, download and print rosters for any groups within your church or ministry. Groups could include departments (such as Children's Department, Youth Department, Young Adults, etc.), divisions (such as Middle School or High School), classes, small groups, work teams and work crews, and events. With a couple clicks, it's quick and easy to generate rosters for one or all groups within your church.

Other Features you may find helpful...

Online Giving

Use Connection Card Pro to accept donations and event payments online! Fully integrated with your accounting and member database for automated reporting and easy year-end tax receipts!

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Custom Dashboards and Reporting

Create custom and dynamic visual dashboards from a plethora of data points and options to view exactly the statistics that you and your leaders need to see!

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Custom Web Forms

Use Connection Card Pro for your custom online forms, surveys and applications with tons of options for user input and a powerful set of review and sorting options!

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