Accept Payments and Donations

Easily Accept Payments and Donations

Using Connection Card Pro, you can easily accept payments or donations online or via text message. No additional merchant accounts or payment gateways are required, Connection Card Pro seamlessly handles all of it for you at a great low rate! All payments or donations received are automatically deposited into your bank account and are automatically recorded in your Connection Card Pro financial records, making record keeping and account reconciliation easier than ever!

Payments just got a whole lot easier!

Payment Processing

Add-on Service


  • Payments & Donations
    2.8% + $0.35 / transaction1
    Amex is 3.5% + $0.35
  • ACH Direct Debit
    1.1% + $0.25 / transaction2
    (+$1.50 One-Time Bank Link3)
  • Easy Bank Link for ACH2
    Donors login via Online Banking
  • Automated deposits
  • Unlimited Transactions
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Accept Credit/Debit Cards Online

Connection Card Pro makes it easy for your church or ministry to accept credit/debit card payments and donations online. Accept all major card brands: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, plus ACH Direct Debit!

Includes these great features:

Text To Give

Use Connection Card Pro to accept donations via text message! Encourage giving by making it quick and simple! Text To Give features require, at minimum, the Text Basic Add-on.

Donate Processing Fee

With Connection Card Pro's onilne giving, you can allow your donors the option to cover the transaction's processing fees for their donation. It's a simple way to increase generosity and your total income while decreasing your church or ministry's costs.

Accept Payments

Use Connection Card Pro's powerful camp and event online registration platform to seamlessly accept payment online as well. Registrants are not transferred to another payment site for processing and all payments are deposited to your bank account. With Connection Card Pro, you'll have up-to-the-second records of who's registered for your event and who's already paid. No more manual entry or record-keeping!

Recurring Giving

Connection Card Pro allows donors to setup automated recurring giving using a credit/debit card or ACH Direct Debit. This can increase giving dramatically!

Low Processing Rates

Connection Card Pro becomes your payment processor. You pay a low processing fee for each transaction which is comparable to (or lower than) the industry standard for credit/debit card processing. There are no additional fees and no hidden fees. We also don't charge an additional percentage on top of the processing fee like many church giving services. Connection Card Pro's giving add-on does not require you to setup an additional account with other service providers. It's a simple, easy to predict, transaction fee.

Payment Widget

Integrate the Connection Card Pro Payment Widget seamlessly into your church's web site, allowing donors to stay on your site and make donations/payments using our secure widget. Requires only basic web design knowledge on your end and simplifies PCI-DSS compliance.

The Footnotes:

1 - Fees are for domestic cards (U.S. cards for U.S. based organizations or Canadian cards for Canadian based organizations). There is an additional 1% transaction fee for international cards (cards which do not originate in the same country as the organization's account).

2 - ACH Direct Debit only available in the United States at this time.

3 - When using ACH Direct Debit, there is a one-time $1.50 Bank Link fee for each new bank account a donor links. This is deducted from the donor's first gift. Any subsequent gifts given from the same bank account will not incur this fee. This is a pass-thru cost that we pass on to you from the banks and processing companies. We do not profit off of this bank link fee and are periodically working to negotiate lower bank link fees.

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