Manage Volunteers and Plan Services Efficiently

Manage volunteer teams and schedule team members and staff through our robust scheduling component. Automated emails, texts and push notification reminders. Plan service flows to the minute.

Create Service Flows

Create and distribute an unlimited number of flows for services and events.

Keep Everyone on Time

Schedule your service flows by the minute (if you wish) and keep everyone on track using our Live Cue Monitor feature (stage facing) or our live tracking flow so that the booth can see the entire flow along with what's happening now.

Automatically Reschedule when Unavailable

When a crew member taps that they are unavailable, the next available crew member will be automatically scheduled and notified to fill their position.

Schedule and Manage Volunteers

Quickly and easily schedule volunteers and staff for services, events, rehearsals, meetings or shifts.

Automated Text, Email & Push Notifications

Text, email and push notifications (to the Connection Card Pro mobile app) can be sent automatically when individuals are scheduled and to remind them of an upcoming service opportunity.

Slack Integration

Slack is a great tool for internal communication! Connect your Connection Card Pro account to your Slack channels to send automated group-wide Slack reminders for upcoming service opportunities.