Free Trackable QR Codes

Looking for QR Codes? What if you could track how many times the QR code is scanned? How about changing the URL the QR code redirects to without requiring a new code? Beautiful QR Code generation is included with every Connection Card Pro account, including Free Plans!

No credit card required. Downgrade to the Free Account at any time and continue using and creating QR codes. Free Plans include up to 20 QR codes.

Trackable QR Codes

Track every scan and know exactly how effective each QR code is! Create different QR codes for different placements to understand where people see them most.

Ad-Free Redirect

QR Codes redirect seamlessly and quietly to any URL you choose. Users will never see ads for using our QR codes. Change the URL at any time without changing the code!


Create stunning and unique QR codes, altering colors, edges and shapes, and even including your logo!
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