Organize Your People with Unlimited Groups

Create unlimited groups and assign anyone to any group as a member, leader or another classification. Assign groups to other groups and view individual or consolidated rosters. With Connection Card Pro, you can do even more with Groups!

Email & Text people and groups

Quickly send or schedule emails and text messages to anyone, everyone, or specific groups. Unlimited emails. SMS available worldwide.

Departments and Divisions

Create unlimited departments for your departments or ministries. Use divisions to subgroup departments.

Various Group Types

Connection Card Pro gives you five types of groups, each with unique features - Departments, Divisions, Crews, Small Groups and Classes. Not including Events, Meeting Times and Custom Lists.

Map people to nearest small group

Our innovative person map lets you view your people on a map in relation to any small groups or campuses. Help people connect to the group closest to them.

Cloud File Storage

Upload, organize and share files with staff, leaders, and your groups. All subscriptions include 1GB of storage space. Or, upgrade to up to 1TB of cloud storage space.

Prayer Needs

Record prayer needs for individuals. Your people can submit their own prayer needs via the web or text. Generate reports of prayer requests, mark prayer needs as resolved. Groups can view prayer needs for their group in their personal hub.