All of Connection Card Pro's Features

Endless features to help your church be efficient and effective.

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Stay Connected with Your People

Record any information

Custom fields allow you to store any information you'd like. Baptism date, whether you've given them a Bible, spiritual gifts and more.

True Family Connections

Create households while also creating separate family connections. In real life, families and households don't all look the same, and children become adults. With Connection Card Pro, people are not limited by household.

Email & Text people and groups

Quickly send or schedule emails and text messages to anyone, everyone, or specific groups. Unlimited emails. SMS available worldwide.

Find and Filter people

Search for and find people quickly and easily. Filter by attributes and custom fields.

Background Checks

Store background check results, set reminders, and even order background checks directly through Connection Card Pro.

View People on a Map!

Our innovative person map lets you view your people on a map in relation to any small groups or campuses. View a single group, selected persons, or everyone on a map! You can also center the map on a specific person when planning small groups.

Interactions and Reminders

Keep track of interactions, view other leaders' interactions, assign people to staff or leaders, and set reminders to re-connect with someone.

Milestones and Journey

Track each individual's journey within your church. Create and track milestones, as individuals or as a group, when people complete courses or archive certain milestones. Our system automatically creates each person’s journey based on role changes, additions to groups or lists, and their attendance.

People Tags

Create and assign tags to individuals. Track who is part of specific projects or fundraisers or create your own tags. Tag individuals with special skills! Use tags to filter lists, send emails or texts or to group individuals.

Custom Lists

In addition to groups, you can also create custom lists. Create exclusive lists to separate individuals on those lists from the rest of your database. This is great for tracking external donors who are not affiliated with your church.

Tracking Sacraments

Use Connection Card Pro to easily track baptism, first communion, confirmation or other Catholic or Protestant sacraments. Generate reports and filter people by the date of those records.

Custom Dashboards

Create beautiful and customized dashboards, mixing and matching tons of data points with daily, weekly, monthly charts, and many other options. Dashboards can be displayed full-screen and auto-update for an office heads-up display!

Organize Your People with Unlimited Groups

Email & Text people and groups

Quickly send or schedule emails and text messages to anyone, everyone, or specific groups. Unlimited emails. SMS available worldwide.

Departments and Divisions

Create unlimited departments for your departments or ministries. Use divisions to subgroup departments.

Various Group Types

Connection Card Pro gives you five types of groups, each with unique features - Departments, Divisions, Crews, Small Groups and Classes. Not including Events, Meeting Times and Custom Lists.

Map people to nearest small group

Our innovative person map lets you view your people on a map in relation to any small groups or campuses. Help people connect to the group closest to them. View any group or your entire church on a map. You can also center the map on a specific person when planning small groups.

Cloud File Storage

Upload, organize and share files with staff, leaders, and your groups. All subscriptions include 1GB of storage space. Or, upgrade to up to 1TB of cloud storage space.

Prayer Needs

Record prayer needs for individuals. Your people can submit their own prayer needs via the web or text. Generate reports of prayer requests, mark prayer needs as resolved. Groups can view prayer needs for their group in their personal hub.

Personal Hub

Individuals can login to a customized and branded personal hub where they can manage their connections to groups, upcoming events, view a calendar, complete directory and manage their giving.

Accept Donations and Payments

$0 / month*

Receive unlimited donations with your Connection Card Pro subscription. You only pay our insanely low processing fee.

1.95% + $0.25*

Likely the lowest processing fee for credit/debit card donations. Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex all for one low rate!

0.25% ACH

Accept direct ACH payments/donations for only 0.25%. That's only $0.25 for a $100 donation.

Cover the Fees

Your donors can optionally choose to cover the fee, making your fees virtually zero.

Recurring Giving

Donors can quickly and easily setup an automated recurring gift on any schedule. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with a handful of options. Donors are not required to create an account.

Quick Tax Receipts

Generate year-end tax receipts for all donors automatically in less time than it takes to drink a coffee!
Service Planning

Manage Volunteers and Plan Services Efficiently

Create Service Flows

Create and distribute an unlimited number of flows for services and events.

Keep Everyone on Time

Schedule your service flows by the minute (if you wish) and keep everyone on track using our Live Cue Monitor feature (stage facing) or our live tracking flow so that the booth can see the entire flow along with what's happening now.

Automatically Reschedule when Unavailable

When a crew member taps that they are unavailable, the next available crew member will be automatically scheduled and notified to fill their position.

Schedule and Manage Volunteers

Quickly and easily schedule volunteers and staff for services, events, rehearsals, meetings or shifts.

Automated Text, Email & Push Notifications

Text, email and push notifications (to the Connection Card Pro mobile app) can be sent automatically when individuals are scheduled and to remind them of an upcoming service opportunity.

Slack Integration

Slack is a great tool for internal communication! Connect your Connection Card Pro account to your Slack channels to send automated group-wide Slack reminders for upcoming service opportunities.
Events & Registrations

Unlimited Events and Registrations

Powerful Registration Platform

Use Connection Card Pro's built-in registration platform to allow individuals to sign up for all of your events. Accept payment online.

Registration Tiers

Offer multiple tiers, with different prices, for your event registrants to choose from when they register for your event.

Early-bird Pricing and Group Discounts

Offer early-bird pricing or group discounts for your events. The applicable pricing will be automatically applied.

Seat Map for Ticketed Events

Give your attendees the option to reserve their seats. Create a customizable seat map to match your venue. Specify handicap, companion, and balcony seating.

Multi-Performance Events

Running a show with multiple performances? Create a single event with multiple showtimes, allowing the attendee to choose which performance. View reports for the entire event or individual performances.

Team Events

Easily accept registrations for teams and groups and charge a registration fee for the entire team.

Multiple Currencies

Running an event on the other side of the border? Accept payment for an event in another currency*, even if it isn't your primary account currency. Other currencies will be automatically converted to your primary currency.

Low Processing Fees

Payments for event registrations use our same low processing fees as giving, accept payments for as low as 1.95% + $0.25** for credit/debit or 0.25% for ACH.

Unlimited Registrations!

Unlike some platforms, there is no limit to the number of events or registrations you can have! Even our free plans offer unlimited registrations!

Wait Lists

Use waiting lists for complete event registration! Limit the number of spots available. Collect payment information to automatically charge someone once they've been promoted from the wait list.
Check Ins & Attendance

Check in Kids, Students and Members

Check in and Track Attendance

Easily check in children, students and adults to a service, class, small group or event. Attendance is automatically recorded upon check-in. Use a computer, tablet or the Connection Card Pro mobile app on your phone.

Print Name Tags

Print customizable name tags at check in using a Dymo printer. Optionally include pick-up tags for parents.

Self Serve Kiosk

Setup a self-serve check-in kiosk (or multiple kiosks) for parents or students to check in on their own. Individuals can use plastic cards, their phone number, or tap their photo on a visual check-in kiosk.

Easy Mobile App Check-in

Small group or class leaders can quickly tap names on their roster using the Connection Card Pro mobile app to check in members.

Attendance Reports

Generate a range of customizable attendance reports. Reports can include the entire organization, specific groups, or be broken down by service, event or classification.

Print Server

Using your phone or tablet to check in? Or checking in from multiple devices but only have one label printer? Connection Card Pro's built-in print server makes it easy to print name tags to a Dymo printer connected to another device.

Fund Accounting for Non-Profits

True Fund Accounting

No hacks or workarounds. Connection Card Pro is designed for non-profits, and offers true fund accounting to maintain proper books and reports for non-profit organizations.

Customized Chart of Accounts

You have full control over your chart of accounts. Customize an unlimited number of asset, liability, income and expense accounts.

Unlimited Tags

Create unlimited tags. Tag transactions with a related purpose, project, department, division, event or fundraiser while maintaining consistency with accounts. Quickly generate tag reports to breakdown expenses by any tag category.

Generate Financial Statements

Easily generate Balance Sheets, Income Statements and other common financial reports with an assortment of options. Save presets to quickly pull up specific report options.


Create budgets with ease and share with department heads for them to enter their department's projected income and expenses. Line items are linked to your existing chart of accounts. Generate a combined budget.

Import Transactions from your Bank

Connect your online banking to import transactions directly from your bank account. Recurring transactions are automatically recognized for a quick import.

Reimbursements and Expense Forms

Staff and volunteers can submit reimbursement requests or credit card expense reports quickly and easily. Review submissions, approve or deny them, and move transactions to your books with ease. No more sorting through handwritten requests and manually entering data.

Timesheets and Time tracking

Track an unlimited number of employee and volunteer hours using our optional time tracking features for only $10/mo. Generate reports based on employee, task or project.

Check Print

Use Connection Card Pro to easily print checks for expense you've entered. Print one check or print in batch. Once printed, check numbers will be recorded automatically.
Communications & Texting

Communicate Effortlessly with Your People

Automated Campaigns

Create automated campaigns to send texts or emails at scheduled times or automated intervals. Add people to campaigns automatically when they complete a connect card, custom form, donation, or event registration.

Send Emails & Text Messages

Use Connection Card Pro to send scheduled or automated emails and text messages directly from our platform. No extra accounts, no integrations required. Easily select names or groups from your database or using our smart selector.

Send Unlimited Emails

Send an unlimited number of emails. Whether you send 10 emails per month, or 10,000, you will never pay extra for sending emails.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Add-on our low-cost text message plans to send text messages in the U.S., Canada, and around the world! Text messaging starts at $16/mo for 500 outgoing texts. Incoming texts are always free. Receive replies via text and carry on individual text conversations through our platform. View Text Pricing

Digital Guest Cards

Use our digital guest cards to capture important contact information for new guests via QR code, automated text keyword, or direct link from your web site. Guests automatically become part of your database and can be auto-assigned to groups or lists.

Mailing Lists

Create unlimited custom mailing lists to use when sending or scheduling texts and emails. Update those lists at any time.

Unlimited Text Keywords

Using your dedicated local 10-digit number, your church has access to unlimited text keywords. Use keywords for event registrations, custom forms, digital guest cards, and prayer requests.

Parent Alerts

When you need a parent to come back to assist with their child, you don't have time to look up a number or compose a text. Use our two-click parent alert to send an automated message to the parent of any checked-in child.

Dedicated Local Phone Number

Our text messaging plans include a dedicated 10-digit local phone number (US & Canada). Multiple numbers, toll-free numbers, short codes and international numbers are also available.
Church Websites

Quickly create and easily maintain a beautiful church website.

Built for Simplicity

Strategically designed with simplicity in mind. No coding required. We'll be honest, for churches with in-house web designers, this is not for you!

Fully Integrated ChMS

Various preset page types are fully integrated with our full suite of ChMS modules. Create a page with giving, groups, event registration or custom forms directly on your website in less than 2 minutes!

Videos & Live Streams

Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos or a live stream directly into any page of your site. Optionally, enable the automated blinking Live indicator.

Fully Customizable

Branding, logos, menus and page content are fully customizable with our easy-to-use builder.

Subdomain Included

We'll provide a subdomain at either or You can use that, or point your own domain to your site.

Online Giving and Event Registrations

Use our built-in payment processing to accept donations and event registrations for as low as 1.95% + $0.25 for credit/debit transactions, or 0.25% for ACH.*

Your Data's Security is our Priority

PCI DSS Compliance

Connection Card Pro meets PCI DSS compliance guidelines to keep your data and your donors' data safe. Donors' card and account details are not stored on our servers, protecting donors from fraud.

Admin User Roles and Permissions

You have full control over user permissions and access. Create an unlimited number of roles to control access levels for over 30 different permission types.

Data Redundancy

We employ a quadruple backup system across multiple secure data centers to keep your data safe and secure in the event of outages or major world events.


We use industry standard encryption and security protocols to maintain high levels of protection for your data, along with utilizing SSL encryption for all data transfer between our servers and your device. Your data is protected at rest and in transit.

Online Giving Security

Our payments partners, Stripe and FortisPay, each process billions of dollars in payments around the world. They are experts in keeping your donors' payment information secure and protecting against misuse.

Blind Giving

Grant access to users to enter new donations or view existing transactions without seeing the names of associated donors on past records. When viewing your registers, the names of donors will be redacted.