Custom Solutions

One thing that makes Connection Card Pro unique is our ability to offer custom-built solutions to churches, ministries and organizations of all sizes.

If you have unique database, administration or management needs, or if you are looking for a mix of services that you can't find elsewhere, we would love to discuss your needs with you to provide a quote and projected timeline for your custom-built solution.

Built on top of powerful platform!

All of Connection Card Pro's custom built solutions are built on top of our existing powerful platform. This means that you get all of the features that Connection Card Pro already offers, with your custom requirements augmenting the existing platform, providing you a much more powerful tool at a much lower cost.

Our Custom Solutions save you money!

Most custom solutions will always require a set of basic features in order to work properly and be secure. When we build your custom solutions on top of our existing platform, most of those basic requirements are already taken care of. This saves you money and allows you to be up and running on a shorter timeframe.

Ongoing Support

We'll provide you with a quote and estimated timeline for the development work required for your custom solutions. Once complete, you pay for a Connection Card Pro subscription as anyone else would, and we keep your account with your custom-built tools and features maintained and running. Most custom software developers will hand everything over to you and charge expensive hourly rates if they need to manage servers once the project is complete. With Connection Card Pro, your custom solution stays running on our servers which we're already maintaining for the hundreds of ministries using our platform. This saves you tons of headaches and tens of thousands of dollars in the long-run.

Contact us today to begin discussing your custom requirements.