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Last Updated: May 19, 2023 5:28 PM

How do I Promote Students to the Next Grade?

Connection Card Pro’s Promotions help you quickly and efficiently promote your children and students to their next grade or group, or any other group that advances to different groups! Promotions can automatically increase their grade, or it can automatically promote them to another group based on grade or age.

To ensure a smooth promotion process, make sure you set a grade restriction or age restriction for your children and student departments and groups and any others you will be promoting each year when creating your departments and groups. Also make sure you do not have age/grade restrictions enabled for any groups or departments you do not want to move, such as Adult groups or departments. Groups, Departments, and classes that do not have an age/grade restriction enabled will not be affected during the promotion process.

Note: If you need to promote someone individually you can do that by going to the person list (People > View People) (Or your Person List shortcut key) and click on their name and go down to the bottom of the page to the Batch Action box and from the drop-down menu click “Increase School Grade Level”. You can click more than one to move to the same grade.

Checklist Before Starting!

To perform a Group or Class promotion, go to:
People > People Settings > Promotions

1) Chose the Department: Example: If you have a separate Kids and Youth Department, choose “All Departments” here so they will all be promoted at the same time. By selecting “All Departments” this will ONLY affect groups that have an age/grade restriction enabled, all other departments and groups will not be affected.   

2) Select ALL of the options that Apply to this Promotion plan:  This is very important that you select ALL that apply at this time. If you do not check one, such as "Promote Department Connections", if you have students moving from Jr. High to High School they will not be moved to the High School Department during this promotion. 

If you select to “increase school grades for all students/children by one year”, you will also want to select:
“Increase school grades for all students/children by one year”,
“Promote department connections based on age/grade”,
“Promote division connections based on age/grade”,
“Promote class connections based on age/grade. (so they will not only be promoted to the next school grade, but also to the next class (ie 9th grade to 10th grade class). Then select the Limit from the drop-down Menu on this line,
“Promote small groups connections based on age/grade. (Automated promotion will limit to one per person)”.

By selecting all of these you will not only promote everyone in a group/class with a grade or age restriction, but also move them to the correction department, division, class connection and small group all at once.

3) Age/Grade Priority: Which one should priority to be given to in order to determine promotions? Because children are not always in the same age range as others in their class, the most used priority will be Grade. 

4) Multiple Class/Small Group Conflicts: This is for when there are multiple classes and/or small groups available which individuals could be promoted to (for example, two classes of the same grade and gender), choose how to handle these conflicts.

Click on “Next Step”.

Here you can confirm if promotions are correct before promotion is finalized. You will be able to view all the promotions that were made for this plan. Please carefully review the promotions listed to check if everything is how you want it. If there are a few actions you see that you do not want completed at this time, you may uncheck those ones from the check boxes at the beginning of each line option.

After you have reviewed everything and are ready to proceed with the promotion, click “Commit Changes and Proceed”. Please note – these changes cannot be undone once you Commit Changes and Proceed.

Confirm that you want to proceed.

Promotions are done and you will be taken back to the person list!

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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