Connection Card Pro Help & Documentation

Manage Custom Fields

Create and manage custom fields for recording data about guests, members and individuals. For example: “Bible Given”, “Baptized”, “Salvation”, etc.. All of these custom fields can be accessed by any group within your organization, including running reports.

To Add a New Custom Field

From the left toolbar go to
Manage > Custom Fields

* Click “Add New” button on right
* Type in the name for your new custom field
* Select from the drop-down menu which data type you would like stored in this field. Option are: Date, Yes/No, Text, User Profile
If you are using “User Profile” as your data type, you may select below if you wish to put in a specific classification or department.
* Type in short description for this custom field
* Chose if you would like to be able to sort your person list by this field. Please Note: The more custom fields which are sort-able, the slower your person list will load.
* Click on “Save Custom Field”

You can Enable or disable existing custom fields at any time. Just click on the “Enabled” or “Disable” buttons to right of description.