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Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019 8:24 AM

Importing Persons from another database:

If you already have information on people from another database that is or can be saved in CSV format. this info. can be used to import that data into Connection Card. This will create completely new users based on the information and will not update identical persons. CSV (Comma Separated Values) Files Only can be used for importing. Most spreadsheet and database software includes CSV as a “Save As” or “Export” option, including Microsoft Excel.

From the left toolbar go to
Persons > Import Persons

* Chose File you wish to import - Must be a CSV file.
* Column Headers - Choose “First Row Headers” if your first row of your CSV spreadsheet contains the column names, or chose “No Headers” if there are no first row headers on the CSV spreadsheet you are importing.
* Chose how you want to import duplicates – you can either have the system automatically consolidate exact matches and be prompted on any close matches so you can verify if same person or not, or you can chose to be promoted on all duplicates and close matches.
* Organization-wide Classification – Chose how you want the Classification for the persons being imported assigned. Use “Based on CSV” to match a field (selected in the next step) to the assigned classification. Any persons which can’t be identified will be classified as the default classification.
* Chose if would like these individuals assigned to a specific department/division, or if you would like them to be unassigned when imported. For example, if they are only children and would all go into the Children’s Ministry, chose that, or if all youth for the Youth Group, you can chose Youth, or you can chose Entire Organization/Unassigned if it is a wide range of people and ages. Whatever group you do choose to assigned them to will be included in their individual profiles.
* Import all persons as this classification within the selected department/division. * Add to Event – use this to automatically link all imported persons to an event.
* Upload File
* The first row of each column will be displayed so that you can assign each column to a specific field. Some fields have been guessed, but may need to be checked for accuracy.
* In choosing address, if you choose Mailing Address for lines 1 and 2, also choose Mailing City, State, etc.
* If the field you need is not listed, such as Website, choose “New Custom Field” at the right of that column and type in and save, then choose from the drop-down menu (sometimes this will then appear automatically on that line for you).
* If any records show same info for a person already in, choose if want to consolidate them together, or keep separate.
* Choose any relationships/spouses for those being imported, if applicable. and click on “Save Relationships”
* Choose any relationships/parents for those being imported, if applicable and click on “Save Relationships”
* Import will show successful with a green heading at the top of your persons list!
If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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