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Last Updated: Aug 24, 2023 10:54 AM

Person Profile Tabs

Connection Card Pro’s people profiles includes extra features along with your Person’s profile page, helping you to access more information quickly when needed. From the tabs in the People profile pages, you can check their attendance and delete a date recorded wrong, keep track of any communication or follow-up needed with individuals, view notes, prayer requests, view and manage events they are registered for, and record giving (only for admins with financial permissions).

Once a person has been added and their Data saved you can go into View this person and see these tabs.

To View People Profile Tabs and More

From the menu:
People > View People (or use your Person List shortcut) and click View for that person.

A brief description of each:

Attendance Tab: From this page you can view their Attendance information including a graph and chart, delete a date attendance was recorded in error, and use this page to record their attendance. (Attendance can be recorded from the person list also using the batch action at the bottom). 

Follow-Up / Interactions:  Under the individuals name you will see Interaction buttons.

Communication Tab: On this page you can also add interactions by clicking “New Interaction” at the top or “Add Interaction” button at the bottom right. You will also see any text messages that were sent, and any interactions and Follow Ups needed on this page. Click “Resolve” on your follow up request when resolved and you can remove any of these interactions at any time.

Events Tab: This Events page shows a list of any events they are a participant of along with Attributes such as T-Shirt Size, and any registrations. In the Registrations Section you can Record Payment, Receive Waivers, View or Edit Registration, or Cancel Registration by clicking on the Menu icon to the right of that event, and Add participants to any of their registrations that allow them to add others. 

Giving Tab: This Giving page can only be seen by Admins that have Admin Financial privileges. This giving tab gives you another way to record a persons giving here. If you allow members to self-manage their people page from their Personal Hub portal, they can view their giving record here.

Journey: This page here will give you a quick glance of their journey timeline. These “journey events” will record automatically when these things are recorded in their person profile page, such as when you change their classification to Member, when their attendance is recorded, when they are added to a crew, and when they are added to a group with a Leader Classification.

Notes: (“Note” icon to the right of the profile tabs). If the Note icon is yellow, this indicates there is/are note(s), click on note icon to read note(s). Notes from interactions are also viewed here.  To add a note to a person, click on “Add Note” towards the bottom right corner. 

Prayer Needs: (kneeling icon) You can view any prayer requests they have sent here, via texting PRAYER to your number or they can submit a prayer request from their Personal Hub portal.

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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