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Last Updated: Aug 8, 2023 10:12 AM

Class Roster

Connection Card Pro Classes have a defined beginning and end and are typically used for teaching a course with different class streams/sessions, example: Art classes where there may be 4 different times/streams taught. These classes are usually for a limited time, such as an 8-week course. You may have 1 stream in the fall, 2 streams in the spring, etc. with defined start and end dates. These classes work well for schools, camps, and any classes you may offer through your organization – such as Art Classes, Exercise classes, etc. Class IDs are also a feature here for classes that may give credit hours..

Connection Card Pro classes provide Class Rosters to view and print for attendance taking, etc.

2 Ways to View and Print Rosters

1) On your Classes Page:

From the menu:
Groups > Classes

2) In Generate Reports:

From the menu:
Reports > Generate Reports

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