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Last Updated: Aug 25, 2023 11:47 AM

Attendance Audit Report

With our Attendance Audit Report, Connection Card Pro helps you keep your attendance records accurate, giving you a quick total of individuals plus headcount for each date and meeting time. Use this to check your numbers and verify you have the right headcount entered.

Individuals are the individuals whose attendance was recorded when checking in via Kiosk or App or recorded manually from the Person list or in their individual profile page. This attendance number is directly linked to an individual.

Headcount is the headcount (attendance) entered manually as a single number and not linked to any individuals.

To View your Attendance Audit Report

From the menu:
Reports > Attendance Audit

From this page you can view your attendance records for the last 45 days confirming the number of individuals that were checked in plus your headcount for that date and meeting time/group.

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