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Last Updated: Aug 25, 2023 11:48 AM

Recording Headcounts

Connection Card Pro offers you the ability to add a headcount to your attendance records for those who do not check in and get recorded as attending. You can also make changes to your Headcount if a number was entered incorrectly or has changed, adding to, or subtracting from your headcount! If you entered too large of a number, you can now have that headcount overwritten with your corrected number. This is for headcounts only, all individual attendance (check-ins or manually) will not be removed.

Recording Headcounts for your Attendance Records

Go to:  Record Attendance from your shortcut key


Go to: Dashboard and scroll down to the Record Attendance in the red box

These numbers will only change the headcount numbers, and not the number of individuals who attended that day and checked in via your Kiosk, App or manually.

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