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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2023 2:26 PM

Connecting Families and Households

Connection Card Pro makes it easy to connect families and households! Make your People Database complete by connecting those in the same household and family.

Connection Card Pro gives you 2 ways to connect people, through Households and through Families.

To Create a Household:

The Household only needs to be created once per family, and then after it has been created others can be added to it. If you have more than one family with the same last name, set one person as the Head of Household for each family, then that first name will appear next to the household name, so you know which one is which. If there is no head of household designated, a number will be assigned.

From the menu:
People > View People > Click on EDIT for the person who is the head of household. Or you can create the household when entering a new person.

To Add People to a Household:

Once your Head of Household person has been created, you can create the rest of the Household from that person’s profile page.

From the menu:
People > View People > Click on View for the person for the head of household.

2 Ways to add a person to your household:

1) Scroll down to the “Household” section and select + to add a new person that is not in your database yet or click the Link button to link an already existing person to this household. By adding or linking a person in the Household section their household address will transfer over to their profile page also.

2) Scroll down to the “Family” section and click + to enter a new person to the family, type in their first and last name and check “Lives at Same Address” to transfer the address to this person if they live at this same address. By selecting "Lives at Same Address" this will also add them to the Household.

To Add New Family Members:

From the menu:
People > View People > Click on VIEW for the person, such as the head of household, that you want to add family members to.


If this first person was just entered, once you Save you will be redirected to viewing their profile page.

NOTE: When linking a person to a "Family" that is already in your database and lives at the same address, link them to the household first to add/transfer the address to that linked person.

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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