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Last Updated: May 16, 2023 5:16 PM

How do I create an Event?

With Connection Card Pro’s Event Registration platform, you can allow users to register for your events online through a link or via their mobile phone by texting a keyword, or with a QR code. Also, anyone with Admin rights can input registrations for those who sign-up in person.

Choose what type of event you want to create for people to register for – such as a Ladies Event, A Fundraising Event, Vacation Bible School, Youth Camp, Christmas Eve Service, etc. The possibilities are endless with Connection Card Pro’s Event and Registration platform!

To create an event, go to Events > New Event

Basic Information: On the Basic Information Step you will fill out the Basic Information of your event. If you would like to use a Discount code, you will need to finish setting up your event first before creating that. You can then create your discount code by going to Events > Discount Codes.

Click on “Create Event” to continue to the next step.

Registration Settings: In this step you will set your Registration Settings for the overall registration and the primary registrant.

Click Save to continue to the next step.

Participant Settings: In this step you will set your Participant Settings.

Click Save to continue to the next step.

Seat Map: If you choose to Use a Seat Map on the Basic Information step, you will create your seating map here. This will allow your participants registering to pick their seats during registration online. Click Save when you are finished with your Seat Map to continue to the next step.

Payment Settings: Here you can set up your payment settings. By entering your Register, Fund, Income Account and Expense Account here, all online payments for this event will be automatically recorded in your Accounts Receivable register and automatically transferred to the selected register above when the payout occurs. (This can be changed in your organization’s payment settings.).

Tip: Expense Account – When determining your expense account, remember this is just for recording any payment processing fees related to this online registration.

Click on Save to continue to the last step!

Confirmation Settings: Fill out all necessary fields here for Parking, Check-in Instructions, type of tickets, etc.

When selecting which email you would like confirmations to be sent from, note only emails that are registered as an Admin will be listed here. To add another Admin’s email to this list, go to Manage > Administrative Users > Add New 

OR, if you prefer to have it sent from your organization without anyone’s name, go to Communications > Settings > Sender Emails to manage additional email addresses that can be used for sending emails.

Click Save Event!

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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