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Last Updated: Apr 14, 2023 3:31 PM

Creating and Managing Divisions

Divisions are used to create organizational separation, usually within a department. Divisions can belong to departments or can be at the top of your group hierarchy

To Create A New Division:

Creating Divisions within your organization is optional. If you decide to break down your Departments into different Divisions it is best to create your divisions at the beginning, right after creating your departments.

Please Note
Grades and/or Ages must be set in here in order to utilize automated class promotions if you plan to promote children / students by departments!

From the menu: 
Groups > Divisions > “Add New”

Creating a New Division
Basic Parameters

Kiosk Display

When using Kiosk, choose how this division is displayed on the kiosk screens. 

Personal Hub / Self Manage

Enable or disable the desired options with regard to how this division functions in the personal hub.


The classifications that you define in People > People Settings > Classifications can be used to classify any individuals connection to your organization as well as each connection between an individual and a group. 

Choose the classification which you use in this division to define the Primary and/or Secondary Leader (such as Leader / Assistant Leader or Teacher / Helper, or any other classification you've created). Then, choose the default classification which describes an ordinary member of this division (such as member, student, child, etc.). 

Age/Grade Restrictions

If you enable age/grade restrictions for this group, then you'll be able to limit this division only to individuals who are within a certain age / grade range. This is primarily for automated assignment and automated promotions. You are still able to manually assign anyone to any group. 

Then click Save

Division Settings

Once you've created a division, there are a number of settings that you can set at the division level. To access division settings, 

From the menu: 
Groups > Departments > Gear Button () > 
You can choose manage group files, upload new file or hide or disable group for this specific division.

You can upload and share files with leaders or members of any group. From the Divisions page, you can click on the gear button and choose Manage Group Files or Upload New File.

Files can be shared with all members of the group, limited only to leaders of the group, or limited only to admin users. Admin users can access the files by clicking on Manage Group Files. All other non-admin users can access files which they've been granted access to via the Personal Hub.

Hide or Disable Group
Hidden Groups won’t appear on any reports or pages, but individuals can still be added to or removed from them. You can still view a roster for a hidden group. To see Hidden Groups, go to the bottom of this list and click on “Show Hidden Groups”. You can Unhide this group anytime by clicking on the settings icon and click on Unhide Group.

Disabled Groups will not appear on any lists, reports, or pages. People can’t be added to or removed from disabled groups. Groups can be enabled at any time. To see disabled Groups, go to the bottom of this list and click on “Show Disabled Groups”. You can Enable this group anytime by clicking on the settings icon and click on Enable Group.

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