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Last Updated: Dec 9, 2022 3:07 PM

Creating / Recording Expenses

Easily track your organization's spending by recording expenses in the register.
From the left menu, go to
Accounting > New Expense

Selecting a Register

At the top of the page, choose which register this expense belongs to. Every expense must be recorded in a register. Whether it is a debit card purchase, check or transfer from a bank account (register) or a charge on a credit card (register), every expense needs a home.

Below the Account Register dropdown, you will also see the current balance for the selected register.

Transaction Details

Fill in the transaction details for this expense. Some fields are required, some are optional.

Attach a File

You may optionally attach a file (such as receipt or statement) to this expense for your records.

Line Items

Each expense may have an unlimited number of line items. This will be recorded as separate amounts for the accounts, funds or tags that they are linked to, but grouped as a single expense on your register and other reports.

For each line item you may enter:

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