Connection Card Pro Help & Documentation

Communication Through Emails:

From the left toolbar go to
Communications > Emails Use this page to send a new email to any and all individuals within your organization. You can also check the status of previous e-mails that have been sent. Please note that your organization is responsible for following applicable spam and e-mail communication laws and too many spam complaints will result in your organization’s email service being restricted or disabled. Connection Card has a strict “opt-in” policy, requiring that you obtain consent from recipients in order to receive e-mails.

* Click on the green box “Send New E-mail”
* Choose from the drop-down menu the template style you would like (Plain, Enriched), or if you have a saved preset, you can chose that now, or select none for this.
* Click on “Next Step”
* If you chose the Enriched Template, Choose Color options, etc. for your template. If you chose the Plain Template, you will not have any color options.
* Save as Template – name template for future use if you wish to save
* Click on Next Step
* Choose from the drop-down menu the name you want recipient to see as the sender.
* Choose your email as the sender E-mail
* Type a Subject for your message
* Type in a Message Header that will be seen in the Header Box above the message body if you have chosen the Enriched Template style.
* Type the body of your email.
* Click on “Preview E-mail”
* Preview Email and if you are ready to send, click on “Select Recipients”
* Per the preview, there will be an “unsubscribe” button at bottom for anyone receiving an email that desires not to.
* Select from the drop-down menu if you are sending this to:
- “All Persons”
- “Selected Criteria” - here you can select a group, small group, department, division, etc. to send this to, then
- Classification option – chose from the drop-down menu if this is to go to:
- All those in this group you chose above “Undefined”;
- to only those who are “Regular Attenders”;
- or to a specific classification from this group.
- First Attended – chose from drop-down menu the beginning time frame you are pinpointing for this email. - Last Attended – chose from the drop-down menu the end of time frame


- “Select Individual Names” if only sending to selection individuals, and then select from the person list that will pop up if this option is chosen only those you would like email to go to.

* Test Message – here you have the option to send a test message to yourself or someone else for review also before hitting the final send button.

*Click on “Send Email” to see who the email will be sent to. You may also wish to check your email for the test email to look at before proceeding.

* Save as mailing list: If you would like to save this list of persons for future use, enter a name for the list here
* Click on “Confirm and send Email”.