Text Messages for Your Church

Connection Card Pro offers a text messaging add-on for all Connection Card Pro accounts, providing your church with a powerful text messaging service to keep in contact with your members and to better communicate with new guests. Connection Card Pro's text message add-on is a cost-effective alternative to similar text message apps for your church which can often be expensive and limited. The text message add-on works directly with Connection Card Pro. You won't have to switch between multiple web sites and you'll save time!

We will assign your church a local 10-digit number. No toll-free numbers, no short codes. A normal 10-digit phone number which doesn't look like spam.

Digital Welcome Cards for New Guests

Whether your church calls them welcome cards, connection cards, or something else - you can now make it easy to collect contact information for your new guests and visitors, and there's no more data entry or trying to read poor handwriting. Your church will be assigned a local 10-digit phone number. New guests can send a text to that number and they'll receive an instant and automated response with a link to a mobile-site, branded with your church name and logo, where they can fill out basic contact information.

Included in SMS Basic, SMS Pro, and SMS Ultimate plans.

Alert Parents when Kids Require their Attention

With the Connection Card Pro Text Message service, you can collect parents' mobile numbers when they register their kids with your childrens' ministry or nursery. If you require the parents' attention, send a text message to alert them. Teachers don't have the time to run around looking for the "church cell phone" or trying to find a phone number, while continuing to teach the rest of the class. With Connection Card Pro, use your check-in computer, kiosk, or mobile app. Simply tap the name of the child and you're one click away from sending an automated message. Teachers won't even have to type the message.

Included in SMS Basic, SMS Pro, and SMS Ultimate plans.

Stay in Contact with Members during the week

Using Connection Card Pro's Text Message Service, it's easy to send out reminders and to stay in touch with members throughout the week. It's as easy as starting a group chat, except it's not a group chat! Type the message once, select the recipients from your list of members, and click send. A personalized text message will be sent to each member individually. Members can even reply, and their response will be viewable online in your Connection Card Pro account. You're able to continue the conversation one-on-one. This makes it easy for all staff and leaders to respond to messages from members and there's no more passing around a church cell phone.

Included in SMS Pro and SMS Ultimate plans only.

Text Message / SMS Service Add-on Pricing

The Text Message / SMS Service is an optional add-on for Connection Card Pro. You may use Connection Card Pro without it, but Connection Card Pro is required for the Text Message / SMS Service. The prices below are in addition to your Connection Card Pro plan.
SMS Basic


  • New Guest SMS
  • Parent Alert SMS
  • 500 Texts per month
Or $120 / year

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  • SMS Basic plus
  • Member Communication
  • 2,000 Texts per month
Or $240 / year

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SMS Ultimate


  • SMS Basic
  • SMS Pro
  • 5,000 Texts per month
Or $480 / year

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Member Communication SMS Service

If you are sending a reminder or a customized text message to 100 members, this counts as 100 text messages.

Soft Limits

SMS Text Message limits are soft limits. You will not be charged overage fees for going over your limit in one month. If you do reach your limit, the New Guest SMS service and the Parent Alert SMS service will continue to function, but the ability to send a text message to multiple individuals will be limited until the following month. If you only exceed your limit a couple times, during peak months, it's not an issue. However, if you do exceed your limit often or multiple months in a row, we may ask you to upgrade to the next level.

How is your service so much cheaper?

There are two primary reasons why Connection Card Pro's Text Messaging / SMS Service is substantially cheaper than other standalone text message services. First, our text message service is not our primary business, it's an add-on. We use a large SMS service provider and simply pass the savings on to our customers. This means, that unlike some similar text services, we aren't trying to run a business solely off of the income from the text messaging service.

Secondly, Connection Card Pro is committed to providing high-quality, robust software solutions for churches of all sizes at an affordable price. Small churches with small budgets can now afford great church manangement software, and large churches with large budgets will spend less on software and have more available for serving their community, supporting missions around the world, or renovating old buildings.

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