Event Sponsorship

Seeking sponsorships for an upcoming event?

Connection Card Pro is passionate about the church, missions and church planting! If you are organizing a conference or similar training event for churches, church leaders, pastors, ministry support staff, church planters or missionaries, we would love to partner with you to make your event as useful and fruitful as possible!

Some ways that we support events

A couple of the ways that we love to support events include:

Types of events we support

Connection Card Pro supports conferences and training events which are geared toward any of the following:

Types of events we don't typically sponsor

We typically do not sponsor events which do not fall into the above categories. Connection Card Pro is a tool designed for church planters, missionaries, churches and leaders to use. We believe we have the most to offer by serving the people who benefit from using our platform. For this reason, we do not typically sponsor events which are geared toward a more general audience.

When sponsorships work best

We find that sponsorships work best when it's treated as a partnership rather than a transaction. We hope to partner with events who are passionate about the things we're passionate about, such as missions, church planting, and ministry! At the same time, we prefer to sponsor events who believe in the tools and services we provide and are passionate about sharing those tools with their attendees - not out of obligation, but because you truly believe that your attendees will benefit from working with us!

Talk to us!

If you're still reading and you think your upcoming event fits any requirements above, please click below to fill out our sponsorship request form. We'll get in touch as soon as we can.

Please contact us a minimum of 2 months prior to your event!