New Release! - Administrative User Roles

Nov 24, 2021

November 24, 2021 - We’ve just released version 1.3.1 of Connection Card Pro. As with all new releases, your account is automatically updated to this newest version without any waiting or downloads and you have immediate access to all new features! This new release focuses primarily on a new Administrative User Roles feature. Along with other minor updates and improvements.

Using the new Administrative User Roles (which can be found in Manage > Administrative User Roles) you have greater control over the permissions of each user. Once you've created a role and customized it to the permissions required for that type of user, you can apply that role to any users with ease. 

A few preset roles have been added to your account which you can edit to fit your organization. You can also create an unlimited number of custom roles to suit your needs.

Administrative User Roles give you fine tune control over how your administrative users can view, edit or manage data and other settings within your organization's account.

Some examples of what you can do include:

  • Allow very limited users to enter donations without seeing past giving records (blind giving) and without access to most other features.
  • Allow small group leaders to only have access to view and edit the information for individuals associated with their small group, and no access to other settings or data.
  • Control who has access to email and text messaging and whether they are able to send messages only to groups they lead or to the entire organization.
  • Grant full access to the most trusted users or the ones who need it.
  • Limit all financial data and donor records only to those who absolutely must see it (such as an accountant) while preventing any other users from seeing those records.

Along with many other options.

We've grouped all of the features of Connection Card Pro into 28 different categories. Each category has two to five options to choose from for permissions. We believe this gives you extremely custom and fine tune control while still keeping it simple and easy to use.

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