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Endless opportunities for growth and organization!

Connection Card Pro is an all-in-one Church Management Software (ChMS) Solution for churches and ministries of all sizes. Church staff and volunteers already spend too much time juggling accounts with half a dozen companies and maintaining multiple databases, and too little time connecting with people and serving their communities. Connection Card Pro is the solution! With Connection Card Pro, your donor and member database, bookkeeping, online giving, text and email communication, service planning, event registration, online forms, group management, attendance and many other needs are all housed in a single, robust, easy-to-use platform.

What makes us different?

There are hundreds of ChMS solutions out there. What makes Connection Card Pro different from all of the others? We strive to provide you with the best ChMS software available (and many of our partners would say we are), but our biggest hope is that we'll be best known for our service and support to you and your ministry.

We know your name

When you use Connection Card Pro, you’re not just a number or a customer. You become a partner and a friend. We are dedicated to your ministry’s success and efficiency. You have direct access to a real person to ask questions. We treat you like partners in ministry, because that’s what you are to us.

We listen

When you have ideas or requests for features or improvements, we listen. Some ChMS platforms will put your ideas on their imaginary docket of requests, which may (or may not) be tackled 18 months down the road. We take your ideas, suggestions and requests seriously. If your church could benefit from an idea, then it’s likely most churches could benefit. We listen and we value your input.

We develop

When we listen, we discover your unique requirements. We are usually able to add smaller or simple requests for adjustments or new features to the forefront of our workload. We also offer custom solutions built on top of our powerful platform, getting you up and running quicker with less upfront cost. We don’t know of any other ChMS platform which offers custom-built solutions. Read more here.

We are quick

Let’s be honest, bugs happen. They’re just part of technology. Even the biggest tech giants have them. But, unlike most of our competition, we’re quick on the draw when it comes to fixing bugs. Though bugs are rare, we typically fix most bugs in less than 15 minutes once they are brought to our attention (though some do require a bit more time).

Are you ready to join hundreds of ministries in accelerating your growth and productivity?

More Than Just Software!

Our vision is big, bigger than just church management software. At Connection Card Pro we have a passion and a heart for a few things: Missions and Church Planting, Youth Ministry, and God-honoring film and media. Read more here about our big vision and how we are using church management software to do big things!

Our Values



The quality of being authentic. Of undisputed origin. Genuine.

We believe in being authentic. That means us being real, genuine people with our customers. And it means doing what we can to encourage our customers and partners to value authenticity in their circles, among their leaders and their people.


Fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

We believe in fostering community. Community is essential to following Christ. Community is life-giving. Community creates connection (another one of our values) and community creates unity. Community demonstrates love. We desire to create a platform which helps its users find, create and foster real, genuine, Biblical and meaningful community.


A relationship in which a person, thing or idea is linked or associated with something else.

We believe in the value of connection. Connection creates community. We desire to provide our customers and users with the tools they need to build connections - whether that’s connecting better with their people, or helping to connect their people to God.


The quality of being efficient. Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

We believe in the importance of efficiency. When our churches, leaders and staff are more efficient, we believe this allows more time (and more resources) to foster community, create connections, and support missions. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time and expense wasted on church administration in order to maximize your church’s reach and impact in your community and around the world.


The job or supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property.

We believe that we are called to be good stewards. We believe in the importance of providing tools which will help you to take care of your flock efficiently and effectively. We also believe in the importance of providing these tools at a cost that allows you to still be a good steward of the resources you have. We need to make a living, but we don’t need to be rich. It’s our hope that the money you save when choosing us will allow you to have more resources available for your community and for missions.

Who We Are

We are real people who care about the local church and we love to support church plants. We have big ideas and big goals. Our first goal is to serve your church by providing a feature-rich solution to help you with the administrative burdens of operating a church. Many of our team members have had years of experience working in small churches, large churches, church plants, and various ministries.

We understand that all churches, of all sizes, big and small alike, have adminisrtative needs, and we're here to meet those needs. We also understand that different churches have different needs.

We believe that stewardship is important. We believe that if we provide useful and powerful tools at a fraction of the price of most of our competition, we can provide many churches with the option to redirect some of their spending toward ministry, outreach, missions and their community, as they see fit. Our mandate is to provide better service and a better product at a better price. And we love church plants!

Connection Card Pro is a cloud-based web platform with a mobile app, plastic card check-in/out, attendance tracking, reporting, contact lists, rosters, custom dashboards and reporting, online giving, text messaging and many other features. The company is still owned and managed by the original founder, who has over 15 years of experience working in and with churches, bringing practical ministry experience to the development of this software.

History of Connection Card Pro

Connection Card Pro was originally developed in 2009 by a youth leader at a small church who couldn't find any affordable solutions for tracking attendence. Many great options existed, but they were not within the small church's means, so he took to creating his own platform. Over the years, Connection Card Pro grew to meet the arising needs of various churches. In 2017, a team of developers were hired to give Connection Card Pro a complete overhaul. Today, Connection Card Pro is a complete ministry solution designed for all aspects of church management and administration, attendance tracking, membership database, worship planning, event registration and more. Since our beginnings, over 14 years ago, three things we've always held onto are these: Affordability, Usefulness and Caring Service.

Connection Card Pro has been around for 14 Years! Not only do we have 14 years experience developing and providing software solutions for churches, but many of us have also worked in churches, and understand first-hand the burdens of ministry administration.

We are here to be your partner and friend in ministry!

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