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Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019 8:24 AM

Person Search and Viewing or Editing their Information

From left Menu
Persons > Person List

On this page you can either search by the name of the one individual you are looking for in the top Search bar, by entering their first or last name; or you can sort by factors such as Grade, Age, Baptized, Salvation among other options to see a complete list of these profiles you are looking for with the push of one button!

Click on the name to go into their record.

To Search for a Person and View their Individual Record: From Person > Person List start typing their first or last name and then click to “View”. Once you are in their individual record, to see all details on that person, click on the “Details” tab at the top. Click on the “edit” button to add or make any changes. To see their attendance history, click on the “Attendance” tab at the top. To see their Giving Record click on the “Giving” tab at the top. Only those with Admin Financial Administration and Financial Information Rights will be able to see the giving record. To set these additional permissions, go to Manage > Administrative Users to Edit or add New Admin User.

To add to a Small Group, Department, etc. you can do that by selecting Edit in their personal record and adding to that group, or you can add on the Person list by clicking their name (and as many others as needed that will also be added to the same group) and at the bottom choose from the Drop-down Menu to add to a group and in the next drop-down menu line select group and add.

To add a group of people to the same group at the same time, from the Person List select all of those people to be added and then at the bottom choose from the Drop-down Menu to add to a group and in the next drop-down menu line select group to add them to.

Attendance Tab: To see their Attendance record, go into their personal record and click on the “Attendance” tab at the top.

Giving Tab: To see their Giving record, if granted permission for that privilege, go into their personal record and click on the “Giving” tab at the top.

Map of Address/Print Instant Label/Edit Home Address:

Under their Contact Information, you can click on “Show Map” to see where this address is located

Printing Address Label:
To print an address label for the person you are viewing, simply click “Print Instant Label” at the bottom of their Contact Information/Address.

To Send an Email to that Person:
Click on their Email address.

To Search for a Group of People:
From Person > Person List

*If you are searching for all people in a certain group, such as “New Persons” in last 4 weeks to add something to their records, You can pull them up from a search here from the “New Persons” selections at the top in the darker grey bar with drop-down menus for a specific time range, such as “Last 4 weeks”. Then you can see the list of people you need to edit or change something on.

*To search for a new group, make sure to click on the “Remove” button above the list of the previous group before searching for another listing. These search lists are handy for seeing at a glance those who may need to have more added to their records, or how many visited this past Sunday, or past 6 weeks.

You can also select a group from this Person’s List if you need to send out a mailing. For Example, if you want to Print Mailing Labels to send out a mailing to those who have attended in the last 6 weeks, click on Last Attended, Past 6 Weeks and then at the bottom of the list you can select “All” and chose from the menu box to print instant mailing labels.

For Printable reports, go to Reports > Generate Reports and choose the PDF Report option for printing.

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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