Connection Card Pro Help & Documentation

Add and Manage Teams

Teams are used for competitive activities, not necessarily sports related, and can be used to track points. Teams belong to team events which have a defined start and end date. Colors can be assigned to teams.

To Add a New Team

From the left toolbar go to
Groups > Teams

* Click “Add New” button on right to add a new team. Some Church events use Colors for their team names, such as “Red Team”, “Blue Team”, etc.
* Type team name
* Team Event – If you have a Team Event already added in, you can choose it here from the drop down menu to help you with organization of your Events and Teams
* Select “Save” button to save
* You will then be taken to the Classification Settings for this team. Use this page to select any available classifications for the Leaders etc. for your newly created team. Click on “Save” when you have chosen these classifications, if any.
* Add your people to your team by going into their profiles and edit to add them to this team or to quickly add multiple members, select persons in the person list and then select “Add to Group” at the bottom of the list.

To Manage a Team

From the left toolbar go to
Groups > Teams

* From this page you can check the Score Record, Roster, Edit Members, Edit the Team information or Remove the team.