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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024 10:38 AM

Manage Meeting Times

Meeting Times are check-in-able events, which can be used for tracking attendance and for check-in. Attendance is only tracked for Meeting Times, Events, Small groups, and Classes.

Meeting Times are designed to represent any sort of regular or scheduled meeting or gathering. This could include a weekend worship service, a mid-week service, a youth or young adults gathering, your kid’s ministry gathering, or any other regularly occurring activity which you’d like to track attendance for.

Setting up your Meeting times will help you make the most out of tracking attendance within your church using Connection Card Pro.

When you check in an individual, this is synonymous with recording attendance in Connection Card Pro, so when an individual is checked in, an attendance record is automatically created, therefore making less work for you!

Creating a New Meeting Time

From the menu:
Services > Meeting Times > Add New

You will now be able to use this meeting time when checking in individuals from the kiosk or the mobile app, as well as when recording attendance later.

By recording attendance using separate meeting times, you can have a better idea of when individuals are attending. Such as a 9 am Sunday Service and a 10:30 Sunday Service.  Attendance Reports can be ran for each meeting and a person’s profile will be broken down to display the different meeting times which were attended under their attendance tab.

For more information on how to record attendance within Connection Card Pro, please refer to our tutorial on tracking attendance.

Editing Meeting Times

From the menu:
Services > Meeting Times

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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