Connection Card Pro Help & Documentation

Manage Meeting Times

Meeting Times are check-in-able events, which can be used for tracking attendance and for check-in. Attendance is only tracked for Meeting Times, Events, Small groups, and Classes.

Create a meeting time for any weekly meeting that you would like to track attendance for, such as a Church Service, Youth Group, or any other activity.

From the left toolbar go to
Manage > Meeting Times

From this page you can see all of your Service/Meeting Events that have been set up for tracking attendance and check-in.

To Edit a meeting, click on the “Edit” button and this meeting will appear at the top of your page where you can make any changes. Then hit “Save” to the right of that top line. To Remove a meeting click on the ‘Remove” button. You will then receive a 2nd box to Confirm Removal. Please note, once you remove a meeting, it cannot be undone, and any attendance for this will not be tracked anymore. To Add a New Meeting Time Enter your new meeting time on the top open bars, and hit “Save” when through.