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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024 2:30 PM

Privacy is one of our top priorities within Connection Card Pro, especially when it comes to keeping data and personal information about your members and people safe! 

This help document will outline specifics about what personal information users are able to view about the people in your database. 

Within your organization, there are a few types of users we will consider: Admin Users, Group Leaders, and everyone else. 

Admin Users: These are individuals who have an administrative user account within your organization. This means that an Admin User with User Creation permissions has created an admin user account for this person. This is the only way to obtain admin user permissions within your organization. Admin user may have different levels of permissions granted to them, based on how you've set up your admin user roles. 

Group Leaders: These are individuals who are not administrative users, but who have a personal hub account and are assigned as a leader to any of your groups. These individuals are only recognized by our system as group leaders for groups that they are leaders of, and not any other groups. 

Everyone Else: Individuals who have set up their personal hub account and are not an admin user or a group leader would fall into this category. 

What information can each type of user see? 

Only admin users can login to the administrative areas of Connection Card Pro. All other users are limited only to the personal hub and mobile app for iOS and Android. Not all mobile app features are available to non-admin users. Below, we will outline what information each of the above three user types can view. The user type may vary by person or group based on the user's permissions or which groups they are connected to. 

Admin Users
Permissions in their Admin User Role may allow these users to view all people, only people who belong to groups that this user is a leader or member of, or may disallow them from viewing anyone. Whenever they are allowed to view a person's information based on their Admin User Role permissions, they will see: 

Group Leaders
Admin users who do not have permission to view information about individuals will be treated as group leaders for any groups that they are a leader of. Group leaders (admin or non-admin) can view the following:

Everyone Else
By default, everyone else can only see a list of names who are part of the groups that they are also part of. However, if you have enabled the Directory within your organization, this will allow individuals who meet the conditions of your directory settings to view any other individuals who also meet the conditions of your directory settings, who have opted-in to sharing their basic contact information, and who are at least 18 years of age.

These individuals, when viewing someone in the directory, or when viewing a list of members of the groups they are members of can view: 

Individuals who are not logged in may never view any personal information about anyone in your database.

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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