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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024 3:06 PM

Ways to Record Attendance

We understand that the culture and operation of every church is different. That’s why Connection Card Pro has created multiple options for recording and tracking attendance. You can use the options which work best in your situation. We have seen how different ways of recording attendance work better for different groups within the same church.

Attendance can be recorded in the following ways:

Recording Attendance Through the Kiosk

Using either the self-check-in kiosk, or the service counter screen, you can check-in individuals. When they check-in their attendance is automatically recorded. Both methods will require you to first set up your check-in settings, including selecting the meeting time that you would like to record attendance for. You can change these settings at any time by going to Check-in Settings. These settings will apply to both self-check-in and service counter. For help in checking in through the Kiosk see Kiosk Settings for Check-In or all of our other Kiosk help documents.  

Digital Guest Cards for First Time Guests

Allow your 1st Time Guests the option to record their Attendance when filling out a Digital Guest card for the first time.

When a first-time guest completes a digital guest card (based on the options you’ve chosen when setting up the digital guest card and choosing for record attendance option) they can choose to have their attendance recorded on this day. You can set up your Digital Guest card for in People > Digital Guest Cards. For more information on using digital guest cards, please refer to our digital guest cards tutorial.

“Did you Attend” Automated Messages to Members

When the “Did you Attend” feature is enabled in your settings here and in your Dept communication settings, you can create automated text and email alerts asking individuals if they attended. If enabled, individuals within your church, or in a chosen department, will automatically receive an email or text message with a simple yes or no button asking if they attended earlier today. If you have multiple service times, individuals will be able to choose which one they attended. Go to Communications > Settings > Automated Communication Settings.  See our help document on Did you Attend automated alerts for more information.

Ways Admin Users Can Record Attendance

Any Admin users with permissions for people and attendance can record attendance in any of the following ways:

1. From the Person List 

From the Person List you can record attendance for a whole group or large number of people at a time, making attendance recording quick and easy.

From the menu:
People > View People (Or Person List Shortcut)

2. Recording Attendance in a Person’s Profile

From the menu:
People > View People > Click View for that individual

3. Recording attendance through the Mobile App

Using the mobile app, all administrative users can record attendance for any meeting time or group, along with group leaders with admin permissions. Group leaders without admin permissions can record attendance, headcounts and add people only for the groups they are a leader of. We’ve seen some churches entrust this to a handful of volunteers who will walk around during their service or look around while sitting and check-in the people that they see and recognize

In the mobile app:
Menu > Check In People > Choose a meeting time.


In the mobile app:
Menu > Check In People > Choose Meeting time or Group > Tap name to check in

This will display only the meeting time or group’s roster, allowing you to choose individuals from this group to check in.

4. Recording Attendance via a Headcount

If you are only tracking the number of people or would like to also track the total number in addition to anyone you’ve already marked as attended, you can enter that number as a headcount. You can add a headcount from your desktop or from the Mobile App.

From your Desktop:

Add “Record Attendance” to your shortcuts at the top of the left menu to create a shortcut that can be entered from any page. Click on your Record Attendance shortcut icon to enter your numbers and Save changes.

From the menu:
Services > Record Headcount

Or also,
From your Home page, click on the record attendance star. Enter your headcount and select if this includes or is in addition to anyone already marked as attended, choose the meeting time and date, and click save.

Headcount in the Mobile app:

Anyone with Admin permissions can add a headcount (or check-in) People using the mobile app.

Open your mobile app and click on Menu in the lower right corner.

To add a Headcount, click on Headcount > You can click the plus to add as you count, or enter a number from your count and choose Event/Meeting Time this headcount is for from the options listed below, and click Done and Save

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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