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Last Updated: Aug 19, 2023 5:42 PM

Enabling Auto Assignments

In Connection Card Pro your students, children, and all others can be automatically assigned to their eligible groups in your organization based on age, grade, and gender when entered via an admin or created via other methods, such as kiosk check-ins! This can save you lots of time not having to enter them separately into their groups!

Auto assignments are applied to any group that you specify an age and/or grade restriction for when creating that group, department, or division. Auto assignments will not be applied to those groups that do not specify age and/or grade restrictions. You can still manually assign anyone to any group, such as a teacher, etc. who would not fit within the age/grade restrictions.

Also, by having these age, grade, and gender restrictions set in your small groups for children and students this will make your yearly promotions easy and go smoothly!

Setting Up Auto Assignment

Auto Assignment settings need to be set in your Departments, Divisions and Groups, along with Organization wide settings. If you have already created your departments and groups, you can go into edit for each to make sure the age/grade restrictions are set up in that group or department.

Step 1: Set Organization Wide Auto Assignment Settings

From the menu: Groups > Group Settings > Auto Assignment Settings

Step 2: Set your Age/Grade Restrictions in your Departments and Divisions, depending on which ones are used by your organization.

Setting Age/Grade Restrictions in all Departments

From the menu: Groups > Departments > Add New (or edit for that department)

Set Age/Grade Restrictions in all Divisions

From the menu: Groups > Division > Add New (or edit for that division)

Step 3: Set Age/grade Restrictions in all Small Groups

From the menu: Groups > Small Groups > Add New (or edit)

Note: Also, when entering people manually in People > New Person you will see under their name a checkbox for auto assignments. We have this checked as a default as we highly recommend leaving this box checked to allow them to be auto assigned to eligible groups. No auto assignments will happen for any individual that does not have this checked when entered manually by an Admin. Auto assignments will happen automatically when creating people via other methods, such as via Service Counter and self-check-in Kiosks.

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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