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Last Updated: Jan 23, 2024 10:27 AM

Setting up your Signup Kiosk 

Connection Card Pro recently acquired Signup Kiosk App and we are excited to have this as part of our platform! For those who were previously clients of Signup Kiosk, we want to welcome you to the Connection Card Pro family! Your app will continue to operate as before, and will also include Connection Card Pro’s people database, event registration, custom forms, and some of our reports, communications, and accounting features! For those new to Connection Card Pro from Signup Kiosk App, you can also start accepting donations and payments for events by setting up your payment processing. You can accept payments for your Events using our Event Registration features that will provide you with links and QR codes for people to register online. We hope to have payment features through the signup kiosk app available in the future.

For those new to the Signup Kiosk App, our new Signup Kiosk App feature allows you to have a Sign-Up Kiosk available for individuals to use to sign up for a group or activity in your lobby or other main area.

Run Signup Kiosk App on an iPad to use as a touchscreen kiosk for guests to complete forms, sign up for mailing lists and register for events. The number of Signup Kiosk Profiles you have depends on your package.

Note: Your Signup Kiosk App Profile is the logo or name of the department you set up for your Signup Kiosk page.

Step 1: Creating A Profile

From the menu:
Forms > Signup Kiosk App

If your account allows more than 1 profile, click “Add New” to add another profile and enter profile name and add your logo/image.

Step 2: Creating your Elements

From the menu:
Forms > Signup Kiosk App > Editor button

If you selected the User to go to a Description page when they tap on your Element.

If you selected the User to go to a Category Screen when they tap on your Element:

STEP 3: Creating Custom Forms

Custom Forms can be created while creating an element, or you can create your custom form first. For forms already created, your custom form will show in the drop-down menu when choosing a form to use for that element.

When you create a custom form while creating your element, Click Save to then be taken to the Form Builder. When you complete your form and click save in your Form Builder your new form will be automatically added to that element.

If you would like to create your Custom Forms first, go to Forms > New Form, or see our help documentation on Creating a Custom Form

To see all of our Help documents on Forms you can click on “Help” at the top left > All Help Documents > Forms and Surveys

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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