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Last Updated: Oct 5, 2023 9:20 AM

Creating Classes

Connection Card Pro also offers Classes as a group option for any classes your organization holds. For small groups, care groups, or groups on Sunday mornings that meet ongoing with no defined ending time, we recommend using the group type Small Groups.

Classes have a defined beginning and end and are typically used for teaching a course with different class streams/sessions, example: Art classes where there may be 4 different times/streams taught. These classes are usually for a limited time, such as an 8-week course. You may have 1 stream in the fall, 2 streams in the spring, etc. with defined start and end dates. These classes work well for schools, camps, and any classes you may offer through your organization – such as Art Classes, Exercise classes, etc. Class IDs are also a feature here for classes that may give credit hours.

To Create a Class

From the menu:
Groups > Classes > Add New

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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