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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2023 10:51 AM

Ways to Give

Connection Card Pro makes giving easy for your donors through our online giving platform, with several ways to give. Your donors can give a one-time gift or set up recurring giving with the date they would like the recurring giving to start, select from your list of designations where they would like their donation to go. They can also select if they would like to increase their donation to cover the processing fee, helping your organization! They have the option to give through ACH (in the U.S. only) or credit card.

Any donations given online through the following ways will be automatically recorded in their profile page under their “Giving” tab, and automatically recorded in your ledgers, making less work for you!

Ways Donors Can Give:

Prerequisite: You must complete the Payment Processing setup first before accepting online donations and registration payments. See our help doc on Setting up your Account to Accept Payments in the U.S.  OR Setting up your Account to Accept Payments Outside the U.S. 

Following is a brief explanation of the ways to give through your Giving Platform in Connection Card Pro:

Personal Hub: Giving is easy from their personal hub! Once logged in, donors click on the Giving tab at the top. They have the option to set up recurring giving, to pay processing fee if using a card, and can choose what giving designation their giving is for. See our help docs on Setting up your Personal Hub Settings , or go to Communications > Settings > Hub & App Settings.

Use your subdomain shown in Communications > Settings > Organization Profile towards the bottom to add access to your Hub Portal from your website. 

Links: Your giving links help donors quickly get to your giving platform.  Your giving links can be sent in emails, such as a weekly or monthly email newsletters, or in any communication sent out. You can find your primary giving link at Accounting > Financial Settings > Giving Setup. And your custom created giving designations and unique links at Accounting > Financial Settings > Designations & Unique Links.  After creating a new designation scroll down to easily create a link for this designation.

QR Codes: QR Codes also make it easy for donors to quickly get to your giving platform. QR codes are available from your unique giving links created from your custom Designations. Go to Accounting > Financial Settings > Designations & Unique Link and Click on “Links” for that Unique Giving link and click Get QR Code. Your QR code image can be inserted onto your PowerPoint slides to show on your screens (make sure large enough!), inputted into newsletters, fliers, chairbacks, posters, etc. 

Text to Give: Texting in Church? Sounds ok to us if they want to text to Give! Have them text your keyword you created in your primary giving link for donations in Accounting > Financial Settings > Giving Setup. This Giving link will take them to your Giving platform. You can also create custom and separate Texting Keywords for your specific custom Designations created in Accounting > Financial Settings > Designations & Unique Links. After creating your designation scroll down to quickly create your link with a text keyword when you create a new Link for this Designation.

Widgets: Use the widget shown in Communications > Settings > Organization Profile to add your Primary Giving link to your website, making easy access for donors to get to your giving platform from your website!

Recurring Giving: Donors can easily set up recurring giving making it easy for them to give weekly, biweekly or monthly automatically from any of the above ways they use to get to the Giving platform, they just choose the recurring giving option while filling out their giving information.

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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