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Last Updated: Aug 10, 2023 2:52 PM

Automated Communication Settings For Departments

Connection Card Pro gives you options for sending automated texts, emails, push notifications and Slack messages to new guests, users or members from your organization and individual departments if desired. These automated messages can help you greatly in connecting you to new guests and keeping connected to your members. You can use the generic messages we have provided for these automated messages or create your own in the Text and Email Template pages.

Each Department has its own communication settings, thereby allowing flexibility per department, since not all departments will require the same settings. Departments have the option individually to allow automated birthday texts or emails and new guests from Kiosk texts or emails for the people in their department. Any features disabled at the organization level can’t be enabled at the department level.  All groups under a department will have the same communications settings that are set by the Department.

To Set Automated Communication Settings within a Department

From the menu:
Groups > Departments > Gear Button for that Dept. > Communication Settings

Select your Automated settings here for your automated Birthday and New Guests from Kiosk check-in, Automated Alerts and Notifications via email, text, push notification or Slack that you want to allow for your organization and options for Slack Integration.

When selecting to send an automated Birthday greeting and/or a New Guests greeting from the Kiosk check-in via email or text, you can choose the generic greeting we have supplied, or create your own greeting in the Email Templates or Text Templates to use for these. Your template will need to be created first before having it show up as an option in the drop-down menu here.

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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