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Last Updated: Sep 5, 2023 4:24 PM

CHECK-IN using Self-Check-In Kiosk

For our help document for Check-In using the Service Counter Kiosk go here.  

Connection Card Pro’s Check-In Kiosk makes it easy to check-in children and youth, and even adults! A Self-Check-In kiosk is good for Youth or Parents who can check-in on their own or for their children by either entering a phone number or swiping their Card. In the self-check-in mode your Top Toolbar menu will be hidden. Name tags and pick up tags can be printed automatically. The Kiosk Screen is the only screen people will see, keeping all of your organization’s personal and confidential information safe and inaccessible.

Prerequisites for 1st time Check-In of a Meeting/Event:

Make sure you have completed setting all your Kiosk Settings first for a more efficient check-in process! See our help doc on the Organization Wide and Department Kiosk Settings here

Other Prerequisites that will streamline setting up your 1st Check-in Profile:

Tip: Set up a generic Admin and password for volunteers to use when signing into the kiosks for check-in, if you have a general email such as info@churchname or contact@churchname email. When setting up this generic Admin, you can select Kiosk Only for the User type. This generic admin email and password can be used at all check-in kiosks among your campus, or at multiple campus’s.

Check-In Using the Self-Check-In Kiosk

From the menu:
Kiosk > Start Kiosk

When individuals are signed in through the check-in, they are also marked present for the selected attendance event, and it is recorded in their personal profile page!

To Change Settings in the Self-Check-In Kiosk 

If you have more than one service on Sunday and would like to have your check-ins separated by service time, you can change that here!

Adding a New Family or New Person during Check-In from the Self-Check-In Kiosk

NOTE: If you have not set up and selected the information you want to collect when new people register through the kiosk yet, go to Groups > Departments > Gear button > Kiosk Settings for this department and select here what information you want to collect and what information is required. See our tutorial in Kiosk Settings- Individualized Department Kiosk Settings for more help here.

To Switch between the Self Check-In Kiosk and the Service Counter Kiosk

When you need to switch to the Service Counter from the Self-Check-In Kiosk, enter your Organizations Menu Access Code in the phone check in line for top menu to appear, then click on “Check-In/Check-Out” and Click on “Service Counter”.

To return back to the Self-Check-In from the Service Counter click on “Switch to Kiosk” button.

To Exit the Self-Check-In Kiosk

In the phone number line, enter your Menu access code for the toolbar to appear at the top, click on Tools > Back to Admin Area and enter your Admin Password at the prompt to confirm your identity as an admin to exit and go into the Admin area.

Additional Features in Self-Check-In Kiosk:

Today’s Check-In List – to pull this list up, enter your menu access code for the top toolbar to show, click on Check-In/Check-Out > Today’s Check-in List. You can go back to the self-check-in screen by clicking again on Check-In/Check-Out and click on Check-In Kiosk.

Person look up– to pull this list up to see who has attended today, along with those who have attended in the past, enter your menu access code for the top toolbar to show, click on Person > Person Look Up. You can go back to the self-check-in screen by clicking again on Check-In/Check-Out and click on Check-In Kiosk.

Connection Card Pro is programmed for use for check-in with a regular monitor or with a touch screen monitor, along with cards. If you wish to have parents and student’s check-in using a touch screen monitor, your monitor must be a touch screen monitor.

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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