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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2023 2:40 PM

Adding People and Contacts  

Connection Card Pro's Person Database is packed full of features to help you work more efficiently, giving you more time for other projects!

Keep all contacts, such as members, visitors, kids, event guests and even vendors right at your fingertips in Connection Card Pro’s Person Database!

By adding as much information as you can when entering people, you will get the most out of Connection Card Pro’s filters and search capabilities.

Before you start adding people, we recommend that you setup the following items:

Adding People and Contacts

From the menu:
People > New Person


From the Person List, click on the New Person Icon at the top right.

Below are a few things to note for some sections:

Personal Information: Make sure to enter a Birthday when entering a child to help in assigning them to the right small group or youth group, etc.

Contact Information: Note here when entering a cell phone number to make sure to click the mobile designation. If you have the Texting Add-on only numbers that are designated as a mobile number can receive a text. SMS Parent Alert Texts will only be sent to mobile numbers also. Click on the + to add additional Phone numbers or Emails.

Family / Household: By designating the family as a household this will help separate households with the same last name. Enter the parent who is the Head of House first and select from the Household dropdown to “Create New Household”.  See our help doc on Connecting Families and Households for  more information on connecting people.

Communication: If you would like the Hub link invite to go out automatically upon creating a person, click the last box to Send a welcome email and make sure your Organizations Email Settings in Communications > Settings > Automated Communication Settings, along with setting in Communications > Settings > Hub & App Settings, have been enabled (Allowed) to send these automatically. Each Department (Groups > Departments > Gear settings > Communication) have individual communication settings also.

Organization Connection: Your Classifications will show from the drop-down, so be sure to have already set up your Classifications in People > People Settings > Classifications

Custom Fields: Add new custom fields by clicking on “Manage Custom Fields” at the bottom of this section. These custom fields can also be added in People > People Settings > Custom Fields.

Groups: Click on the + to select the type of group, and then from the drop-down select the group. See our help doc on setting up your groups if you have not done that yet or go to Groups > Chose the type of group you are adding > Add New. You can always add people to groups later also from the Person list.


If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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