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Last Updated: Feb 7, 2024 9:47 AM

How do I Invite Members to their Personal Hub?

Connection Card Pro’s Personal Hub is a secure portal that makes access easy for you and all of your members for Giving Online & setting up Recurring Gifts, Signing up for Groups, Registering for Events, Viewing your Organization’s Calendar of Events, and Seeing what Groups and Crews they are already connected to!

Members can login to an easy-to-use interface to manage their connection to your church or ministry. The Hub is a great way to keep your members connected and up to date on events!

Before inviting Members, make sure you have your Hub Enabled and other settings set and enabled by going to Communications > Settings > Hub & App Settings !

4 Ways to Invite Members to their Personal Hub

There are 4 ways to Invite people to their personal hub, where they can create an account to access their Personal Hub Portal:

1) You can invite them while you are entering a new person in People > New Person.  On their page go to the Communication section and under the Self-Managed Information click to “Send a welcome email if this person does not already have an account.” This will send a link to them to set up their account, which is for their Personal Hub access.  You can also go back into their page later and click to send a welcome email.

2) You can send the Hub invite to more than one person at a time if they were not sent one at the time they were entered into your system. You can do this by going to People > View People (Or your Person List Shortcut key if set up) and then check the names of all you want to send the Welcome to Hub link to, then go to the bottom of the Person List and select from the drop-down menu for the Batch Action “Send Personal Hub Invite” and click on Go.

3) You can send an email inviting them to the hub with the Link for them to use to access the hub and create a log-in. You can find this link by going to Communications > Settings > Organization Profile and scroll down to the Subdomain section where you will see the link to use to access your organization’s Portal/Hub, which you can copy and paste into an email or another form of communication!

4) You can also add your Hub portal link to your website and direct them to your website! See our help doc on “Link to your Hub Portal from your Website” for more information.

Please Note: Admin Users are automatically connected to the Hub after logging in with their admin email and password, and do not need to create a new/separate login for the Hub. Only one Hub account is allowed per person. When sending Hub invite links, your Admin users will not receive an invite if they have already created their Admin User account, since they therefore already have a Hub account connected to their Admin User account. 

If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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