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From the menu:
Events > Calendar

Use the calendar on this page as your Main Calendar for everything.

Your Events and Meeting Times will be automatically added to this calendar when they are created in either Meeting time (Services > Meeting Times) or when creating an Event (Events > New Event).

Also, when creating meeting times in your Small Groups, Departments & Divisions, these will be automatically added to your Events Calendar, making it easy to add recurring group meetings to your calendar! Your Crew Schedules will be automatically added to this calendar when you create your crew schedule. 

You can also create Custom Calendars that can show on this calendar when highlighted. You can have as many different custom calendars as you would like, such as a Staff Calendar, Off-Campus Events, Small Group calendar, etc. The visibility on these Custom calendars can be set for only Admin Users to see, or all logged in users. 

To Create an Event or Meeting Time(s) for your Calendar

Your Events and Meeting Times will be automatically added to this calendar whenever you set a Meeting time or Create an Event.

Meeting Times:

From the menu:
Services > Meeting Times

Click "Add New" to add a meeting time, which will then be added automatically to the calendar. See our help document on Meeting Times if you need help.


Click "Add New" to create an Event.  All events created will be added automatically to the main calendar. See our help document on Events if you need help.

To Add Recurring Group Meetings to Calendar:

Easily add recurring group times to your main calendar for your Small Groups, Departments or Divisions when you create them from your group Meeting Times page! 

For example, for a small group recurring meeting:

From the menu:
Groups > Small Groups 

To Create a Separate Custom Calendar

Each time you create a new custom calendar it will show at the top of your page in a different color so that all entries for each specific calendar will be color coded. If you just want to see one specific calendar, click on that one to make sure highlighted and click on any of the others that are highlighted to turn them off so you can just see the one you want to look at.

From the menu:
Events > Calendar

• Click on the “Plus sign” button at the top to Create a new Custom Calendar.

• Give your Calendar a name, such as Staff Calendar, etc.

• Visibility – choose from the drop-down menu if this calendar is for Admin Users only or all logged in users. Note: Only Admin users can add or edit any event.

• Click on Create to save.

To Create a Calendar Entry for a Custom Calendar

From the menu:
Events > Calendar

• Add an entry by clicking on the date where you wish to add an entry. If your entry will be held on more than 1 day you can click on the first date and then continue holding mouse down as you slide to the end date. Or just click on the first date and inside the Calendar Entry you can add the end date.

• Enter your Event Title and any Details.

• From the Drop down Menu click on which Custom Calendar you would like to add this event to.

o NOTE: If it is a church wide event make sure you create this event in Events > New Event, and likewise for a church wide meeting time create your meeting time in Services > Meeting Times!

• If it is an All Day Event – click on box or insert the start and end times.

• Click on Create to save your entry.

To Change the Name, Visibility, Delete or Change Color of a Custom Calendar

From the menu:
Events > Calendar

• Click on the Gear icon to Manage calendars and choose from this list of custom calendars the calendar you would like to make a change to.

• In this pop up box, you can change the Name, Visibility or add a Custom Color for this calendar. Or you can click on the red trash can to delete.

• Click Save to save your changes.

To View Entries on your Calendar Page

From the menu:
Events > Calendar

• Check at the top which Calendar(s) you wish to view. You can click all of them to view everything or just the ones you are interested in seeing.

To View Calendar from your Phone

There are 2 ways to view the calendar from your Phone:

1. Pull up the Connection Card Pro APP ( if it does not show in the app store under Connection Card Pro look under Connection Card Church).

o Once in, click on the menu bar in the bottom right corner and select Calendar.

2. Go into your Personal Hub from either the church website if you have it on there or by going into Connection Card Pro from your phone.

o In your Personal Hub click on the menu to select Calendar.


If you still have questions or require additional help, please contact our support team by clicking on the Help button > Contact Support.
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