Connection Card Pro Help & Documentation

Setting Incentive and Attendance Credits

From the left toolbar go to

Settings > Credit Settings

Use this page to set credits given (group-wide) for attendance and incentives.

* Set your credits to either group-wide “Enable” or “Disable” from the drop-down menu for Credits. When enabled, the use of this service can be set by each department also so each department can have their own credit values.

* Name of credits – you may name these whatever you would like, such as Credits, Points, or something more creative! It’s up to you!

* Credit Value – it’s up to you how much value you would like to set per credit. In dollar amounts how much would you like each credit/point to be worth? Individual amounts can be set for individual items, but this helps quickly calculate credit values and credit liabilities. These “Dollar” amounts can be translated into points when you do not have a store or snack bar where they can use the dollar amounts for.

Other places to set specific group credits that differ from the group-wide credit values set in the Credit Settings:

Manage > Admin Cards to grant crew/work team credits (levels 2 and 3) or grant credits for any reason (level 3 only)

Groups > Crews to manage/grant credits for crews/work teams/volunteers. Add or find crew/team under manage crews and in Auto Credits section you can choose if you want the credits to be dispersed automatically upon sign-in, or No auto-credit if you want to disperse the credits manually. * Determine and enter how many credits you would like given for each time they serve.

Groups > Departments click on “Settings” for department you are setting credit value for. Under “New Person Registration”, “Card Settings and “Credits within department” sections set the number of credits you would like to give for each.