Connection Card Pro Help & Documentation

Creating and Managing Small Groups

From the left toolbar go to
Groups > Small Groups

New Small Groups should ideally be created/set-up before entering individual profiles. After your Small Groups have been created you will see these groups listed in each person’s personal profile page where you can choose what group to put them in.

On this page you can Manage and Add Small Groups. Small groups generally do not have a definite beginning or end and are used to sort a group of individuals who have a regular meeting, such as on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, Sunday nights, etc. This can be any small group of people, such as a Life class, Small Group or Student weekly classes that is an ongoing group with no start or end date.

To Add a New Small Group

* Click “Add New” button on right to add a new small group
* Type the name of your small group you are adding
* Parent organization– you can choose if you would like this small group to be under a specific division to help you with the organization of your small group. To add a new Division or Department for this, go to Groups > Department or Groups > Division.
* Enter Short and Full Descriptions if desired
* Category - Select from drop down menu a category to put your small group in. If you do not see your category here, click on “Add Category” to the right and type in category. Once added, then select that category from the drop-down menu.
* Select Meeting Day
* Be sure to put in Grades and/or Ages if this is a class that you wish to utilize automated class promotions with.
* Auto Fill - Enable Auto Fill if you would like your data base to automatically input new people into the correct grade after first entering and putting into the database. ie. if you just set up a small group for 7th Grade boys, by enabling auto fill any new 7th grade boys entered into the system will automatically be added to the 7th grade boys small group.
* Select “Save” button to save
* You will then be taken to the Classification Settings for this team. Use this page to select any available classifications for the Leaders etc. for your newly created small group. This can assist with organization and report generation. Click on “Save” when you have chosen these classifications, if any.

To Manage Small Groups

From the left toolbar go to
Groups > Small Groups

* On this page you can then check the Roster, Edit Members, View and Edit Classifications, Edit the Small Group, or Remove the group.