Connection Card Pro Help & Documentation

Managing your Account

Manage your organization’s account. To manage your profile and individual user account,
From the left toolbar go to

Settings > Account Settings

Account Information – Your Organization information is listed here with your Connection Card Group ID number for reference in case of a need to call in with questions. Please make sure to have this number available when calling in.

Current Account Stats - number of persons/contacts in your system verses your system allowance.

Paid Until – Please make payment as soon as possible on this day or the day after for uninterrupted service.

More Account Information – You can see more Account States or Check on or change your billing information by clicking on the blue link.

Invoices and Receipts - Here you can see at a glance any invoices and receipts associated with your account.

Card Ranges - this shows you your card number ranges that must be used for your cards to work with your system.

Cancel Account